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The new level of cleanness.

Smart and clean solution for fluid and sensitive formulas.

TubAirfree® by Gaplast and PumpArt System.

TubAirfree® is a lightweight, squeezable and cost effective innovative packaging that ­offers similar features as traditional rigid airless packs:

  • formulas preservation, easy-dispensing,

  • 360° application,

  • full evacuation (no waste !),

  • shape and ergonomics retention.

TubAirfree® is up-to 5 times lighter

than common rigid bottles with pump.

TubAirfree® Cap and Valve by Gaplast

  • Enhanced product preservation, protecting the product at the outlet
  • Improved flow and dosage control, allowing for more fluid formulations
  • Metal-free dispensing system
  • Clean product cut-off
  • After-use disassembly possible facilitating recycling

TubAirless®Tube by PumpArt

  • 95% evacuation rate, minimizing product wastage
  • Easy dispensing of thick formulas
  • Shape and ergonomics retention
  • Flow and size control
  • Cream freshness preservation
  • Pump-free eco-friendly
  • 360° application range

Range of applications (examples):

  • Fine Face Creams

  • Body Lotions

  • BB Creams

  • Serums

  • Shampoos

  • Shower Gels


press release

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Gaplast is an innovation leader, offering primary packaging and applications, development services, and manufacturing from a single source to clients within the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical industry. Among the represented highlights are AirlessMotion® bag–in–bottle products new airless tube and modular unit dose all part of the preservative free solutions. Gaplast was founded in 1969 and became independent in 1976 and is family owned since 1989.
PumpArt System is a French based packaging engineering company with sales and manufacturing capabilities. Pumpart System developed, industrialized and distributes an innovative packaging technology,
Tubairless® (aka Tubeasy®) based on the principle of a soft bag in a squeezable tube. Pumpart System was founded by Xavier Sutty and Jérôme Boumnso.

Contact Gaplast GmbH

Jürgen Lill
Head of Sales
Gaplast GmbH, Peiting
Office +49 8845 7413 49

Contact PumpArt System

Xavier Sutty
CEO & Co-Founder
PumpArt System, Paris
Office +33 149 125 670
Mobile +33 608 734 680